Our Play & Learn programme is bespoke to Maggie & Rose, with our learning methods tried and tested at our clubs throughout the world. And now, we’ve landed in Singapore to bring learning back to basics, with learning through play the Maggie & Rose way!

All sessions are designed to engage little ones in a range of activities, where play is the ‘heartbeat’ of the programme. Our play-based approach provides a unique curriculum where mini Maggie & Rosers construct their own knowledge through play, and will be kept learning independently, even when they least expect it.

No two days at Maggie & Rose are the same, one day your little ones could be creating a messy masterpiece, and the next our mini cheflets will be whipping up a scrumptious dish. One thing that remains constant, little ones at Maggie & Rose love to come back to Dempsey each day, to get onboard with learning, make pals and keep playing!

Open five days a week, we have two super sessions at our Singapore club throughout the day: 9am-12pm and 2-5pm.

At Maggie & Rose, we understand that family life is all about flexibility, which is why we offer a choice of 5, 3 or 2 day programmes to cater to your family’s needs. 

M&R Cooking class


Our most signature class, Make & Make Believe, focuses on role play, where mini Maggie & Rosers go on an adventure in the comfort of our studio. Here, little ones learn to understand and develop their self-confidence through imagination. 


At Maggie & Rose, we love creating messy art! We believe that it’s important to expose little ones to the world of art as early as possible, allowing them to explore their ideas and emotions. All art classes are inspired by real life artists and their work, teaching little ones to think openly and create new meaning.

Prepare to get painting, splodging and splatting colours as we go!

M&R classes
M&R Brasserie (1)


In our cooking classes, our mini cheflets explore their senses. We help picky eaters to expand their palate and to teach them about healthy food choices.

Adventurous eaters and appetites to be expected after these super-cool cook off classes. 


Mini Musicians introduces music to little ones, ranging from singing, chanting, dance, movement, drama and playing instruments. We teach little ones about music and movement on a level that they understand, while they explore their natural sense of play and fun. 

M&R Play & Learn