Party FAQ’s

  • How is payment managed?

In order to confirm your event date, we need the signed Booking Form returned to us along with the deposit in cleared funds. The deposit payment options are detailed on the Booking Form.
The balance of the Party is paid on the day, after the party has finished and will include any extras ordered during the party. The balance payment is to be made by Credit Card only and cannot be put on the Member Account.

  • When do I need to order the various Party items?

All Food orders are required 14 days in advance. We have more flexibility with drinks, so you can let us know up to 48 hours before hand. Goodie Bags can be ordered 48 hours prior to the party subject to availability.

  • What are the days and times I can book a party?

Parties take place at the following time slots:

Saturday & Sunday – 11am to 1pm & 3pm to 5pm

Any other time slots will be subjected to availability

  • How long are the parties?

The minimum spend package allows for 2 hours – the cost for extra time is detailed on the Booking Form.
If there is an afternoon slot booked, then the morning parties cannot be extended due to the time required to turn around the Studios.

  • What does it mean when you ‘pencil in’ my date?

When making your enquiry about a particular date we will pencil in your booking (subject to availability). Please note your booking will not be confirmed until the deposit has been made. We work on a first-come- first-serve policy therefore we highly recommend securing your date as soon as you are happy with your time slot.  If the deposit has not been received within 3 days of the booking, the booking will be automatically cancelled and we will not contact you in advance.  You may call or email to rebook the date subject to availability.

  • If I pay the deposit, and then I change my mind, can I get my deposit back?

Deposits are non-refundable, so make sure you are 100% sure you want to have an awesome party with us at Maggie & Rose before paying the deposit.

  • If I pay the deposit, and then I change my mind, can I change the date?

Due to the high demand for party slots, if the date is more than 6 weeks away, we can change the date for you. However, the new date must be within 6 months or your original booking.

  • I haven’t seen the club, can I come and see the party space?

As there are tons of birthdays going around all year, please call our super helpful Member Services team on 2638 7191 they will be happy to help you schedule an appointment with our party guru or email us at to see the party space.

  • Can my guests bring their other children along to the party if they are not getting involved with the activities?

Yes, of course! However, as party guests must stay within the rooms booked for the party they will be the parents/ adults responsibility. All children attending the party (unless babies under 1 yrs.) will be counted as part of the party package and therefore we will charge on final number of children attending whether they are included in the activities or not.


  • Where in the club are the parties held?

The parties are held in our beautiful Studios which you will have exclusive use of.  You may choose to have your party in one, two or three studios depending on your expected attendance.  If you commit to 3 studios, you are not able to change to 2 studios later.  If you choose 2 studios, you are only able to include the third studio later subject to availability at the time.

  • Can I hold the party on the roof?

Yes, roof is available to hire, however we do not provide all the entertainment due to the nature of our games and activities not being suitable for the space on the roof.  We also cannot provide any indoor contingency plans in case of bad weather.


  • Can I bring my own entertainment?

We do not encourage external entertainment. Maggie & Rose parties are a package – a combination of unique venues, wonderful and highly experienced entertainers, and yummy food! We can provide the additional services for you if requested (e.g. face painter, photographer, balloon artist).
For parties for 1 & 2 year olds, we only require 1 entertainer.
For parties for 3 year olds, we require 1 entertainer if you have up to 10 kids (including the birthday little one), and 2 entertainers if there is over 10 kids.
For parties for 4+ we require 2 entertainers.
If you wish to bring your own entertainment, you may choose to host your party with us as a venue hire. Ultimately, the external entertainment must meet our club standards and will need approval from our Events manager.

  • The kids coming to the party will range in age, how can you cater for this?

Depending on the number of children that fall out of the core party age range, we can set up more than one play station for each age group.
For example, if there is a party for a 3-year-old but there are also younger children attending the party, a separate play station can be arranged for the younger kids. The entertainers will be leading activities with the main group of kids (usually the bigger group), and the extra stations will be in close range to the group of parents so they can look after that group of children.


  • Can I get personalised invitations made?

You will receive a complimentary e-invite & e-thank you, once you have paid the deposit and secured the date.

  • What food can we order for the adults and children?

We have a very flexible pre-ordering food form which allow families to choose from small bites, mains to pastry or sweets. Note that the adult food is served buffet style 15mins into the party while the kids are busy with the entertainers. 45mins towards the end of the party, all the kids will be gathered and sat down together and entertainers will be serving them their food.

We do not allow external catering as we have a commercial kitchen and yummy food to offer.

  • Do you provide alcohol beverages?

YES! We have an alcohol license and a full range of drinks.

  • Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes – we charge a corkage fee at $250 per bottle. You are welcome to bring in wines and champagnes.

  • Can you cater for allergies and religious restrictions?

We can definitely cater for kids and adults with mild allergies and religious restrictions. However, we can’t cater for kids with extreme allergies given that our food is cooked in an environment where we handle items for most common allergies and dietary requirements – our food may not contain nuts, but may contain traces of nuts. We can cater for all other kids if you let us know in due time, but feel free to bring a separate menu for kids with severe allergies.

  • I am a member and would like to go to the Brasserie & Play Area after the party, can I do this?

You can! However, you will have to use your guest passes for any kids that are not members and will be spending time in the brasserie and soft play area. Please note, the number of guest passes that you will be able to use after your party will be maximum of 6 and at the discretion of management subject to Club capacity on the day.

  • Do I have to be a Member to book a Party at Maggie & Rose?

No you don’t – but an existing Member has to act as a referrer and there is a non-member charge for the party if the birthday kid is not a member.

  • What extras can I add on to my Party?

In addition to branded balloons included in your party package, you may add on more balloons and we also provide numberedballoons.
We also have different themed goodie bags for you to choose from, subject to availability. A home-made standard 8” Maggie & Rose birthday cake can also be ordered through our awesome party guru. Please find the choices for goodie bags and cake flavours on the party booking form.

You also have the option of using our photographers, balloon twisters or facepainters.

  • Can I bring my own decorations to dress the studios?

Every child has an absolutely favourite character they must celebrate with on their birthday. Within reason, we do allow extra balloons, buntings, back drops, tableware, etc. Please let the party guru know in advance if you choose to do so.

  • Do I have to use a Maggie & Rose photographer, balloon twister or facepainter?

No, if you have another one in mind then you are more than welcome to book them.

  • Do my guests have access to the rest of the club facilities?

No, during parties all guests must stay within the Party studios. Members can purchase guest passes per child per day which allows guests to enjoy all club facilities before and after the set party time. (subject to capacity of the club at the time)

Non-members are not allowed to use the club facilities, including the soft play area, outside of the booked Party studios.

  • Can non-members book a party through a members account?

No – Non-members can be referred by existing members but must make the party arrangements themselves.

  • My guests are having too much fun; can I extend my studio time?

Depending on availability, you may extend your party at a charge per 30mins as venue hire.

  • Is there a smoking area in the club?

No, there is not. We have a strict no smoking policy in all areas of the club including the roof.