Book Launch & Reading of Jack Is Curious: Can I Hit Back at a Bully? By Linda Locke

  • 09/07/2019

Linda Locke launches her new book, Can I Hit Back at a Bully, in her Jack Is Curious series, at Maggie & Rose. This charming series views the world from the inquisitive eye of a child; each book addresses a question that could stump many parents. A perfect series for bedtime reading.

While at the playground, three bullies steal Jack and Zac’s football and call them mean names. Jack asks, “Can I use taekwondo to hit back at the bullies?” His taekwondo teacher says no, but Mama has an idea…

Date: Friday, July 19th
Time: 2pm
Location: Yurt

Following the reading of Can I Hit Back at a Bully, educational consultant, Ping Ong-Coates, will lead an engaging discussion for little ones (aged 4 years and older) on the topic of bullying. Ping will cover everything from “what is a bully” to “how to respond to a bully”. Little ones will be able to ask questions and share their experiences in a safe space. Be sure to join us in this special conversation in the Yurt!